SIMPLEshake 90

SIMPLEshake 90 shaker

The advanced and flexible SIMPLEshake 90 is the smart new high level vibrational shaker in the expanding family of COROB™ products. It delivers an unmatched level of performance to support your tinting business in the best possible way.

Optimized shaking capabilities

The SIMPLEshake 90 is equipped with a programmable self-cleaning function, which will minimize the required maintenance. On top of that, a long list of parameters can be modified, via the front panel, in order to personalize the shaking cycles to suit the product you are mixing.

Strong, silent and durable

The electronic control offers a soft start and thus optimizing the motor usage.
This reduces the stress on the mechanical components and, just as important, keeps the SIMPLEshake 90 extremely silent.

All these components make the SIMPLEshake 90 an excellent shaker for the high-end or high volume paint shop, where this clever and smart looking machine will reach its full potential.

SIMPLEshake 90
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type: vibrational shaker
type of cans: Round / Square / Oval
can handling: 40 kg (77 lbs)
maximum can height: 410mm (16.1 in)
footprint: 0,48 m2 (5.1 ft2)


  • User friendly operation
  • Sturdy and durable transparent hinge door
  • The intelligent control software selects the correct parameters to optimize shaking
  • Odd can sizes can be easily managed.
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