SIMPLEshake 30

SIMPLEshake 30 shaker

The SIMPLEshake 30 is the convenient entry level product, capable of exceeding expectations. This shaker proves to be a ‘day by day’ strong working partner and its easy approach makes it an operator preference.

Basic and straightforward shaking

The SIMPLEshake 30 can shake metal, plastic, round, square and oval cans. The electro-mechanical controlled clamping system guarantees a correct closing force in every situation. A clear user interface comfortably guides you through the three preset shaking intervals making it an easy to operate machine for any store employee. Robust electrical components are designed to work reliably even in regions with the most severe electrical supply fluctuations.

A personalized partner

The three pre-set timings of 30, 120 and 180 seconds are ideal for a wide variety of base paints; it is also possible to opt for alternative timings. Details, such as the color of the unit can be tailored, so to reflect your brand and enhance the color corner.

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  • type: vibrational shaker
  • type of cans: Round / Square / Oval
  • can handling: 40 kg (77 lbs)
  • maximum can height: 410mm (16.1 in)
  • footprint: 0,48 m2 (5.1 ft2)


  • Very low total cost of ownership.
  • Robust electrical components suitable for regions with power fluctuations.
  • User friendly operation.
  • Three pre-set shaking intervals.
  • Sturdy and durable transparent hinge door.
  • Removable covers for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Shakers: A word on vibrational mixing

Vibrational mixing is based on the vertical force applied to the paint cans. This simple, yet effective technical solution is traditionally one of the most common ways of mixing colorants into the base paints.

Vibrational shaking affects the paint can with its high force in the upwards and downwards
direction, therefore the qualitative construction of the shakers is key to the end result in
terms of mixing capabilities and overall durability of the unit itself.

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