M300 HDK mixer

The Corob M300 HDK is a heavy duty Gyroscopic mixer designed for shaking a large volume of highly viscous products in different can sizes and shapes. It offers automatic gyroscopic mixing with manual clamping and repositioning.

Ergonomic design

Its inverter allows manual selection of three different speeds according to can height and to optimise the mixing cycle. The ergonomic design of Corob™ M300 HDK mixers features an electromagnetic door safety lock and wide sliding doors for effortless can handling. The doors are available in either a grey or transparent finish. Their advanced engineering ensures high reliability and long duty cycles.

Built to last, Corob™ M300 HDK mixers offer users sustained operations, optimum efficiency and minimum overheads. Their advanced design enables these systems to handle standard products all the way up to very heavy mixtures, including textured paints.

Corob M300
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  • Efficient, ergonomic and very reliable
  • Handle square cans and more than one can simultaneously
  • Automatic and manual speed selection
  • Available in three versions
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