Corob FLEX540

FLEX540 tinting machine

Corob’s FLEX540 is a professional turntable dispenser built with a simple yet effective design for handling the evolving nature of the colorants. When dispensing a wide number of colorants it is important that the turntable movement be optimized. In matter of fact, the bi-directional movement allows to reduce the dispense time needed, even for the more ‘colorant’ demanding formulas. A silent motor is the key to obtaining this result, other than the strong techno-polymer gear train.

The high compatibility techno-polymer brush allows the unit to work with water and organic solvent based colorants. The brush rotates with a 90° axis compared to the dual directional turntable’s plane surface. This guarantees a complete cleaning cycle in both directions, greatly improving cleaning time.

When it comes to the dispensing technology, this is ensured by a stainless steel pump, matched to a POM valve housing and an everlasting three-way, two-position ceramic valve. Its design also prevents colorant leaking by creating an air tight seal. The higher liquid tolerances and better control of color dispense deliver the best results in color accuracy.

Corob FLEX540
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  • can fit up to 32 canisters
  • operator friendly
  • simple piston pump technology provides ideal ownershop costs
  • sequential dosing


  • suitable for universal, water and solvent based colorants
  • easy serviceability: the design of the frame and the panels that give access to the interior part of the machine, being able to reach the control boards, power units and the piston actuator motor.

Gravimetric function

Corob’s FLEX 500 and FLEX 540 product family also feature a gravimetric dispensing function. The embedded software controlling the unit can manage the connection to an external scale. With gravimetric dispensing, the amount of each dispensed colorant is checked by an accurate weighing platform; the scale therefore gives a continuous feedback to the machine’s software. The machine dispenses colorant until the threshold level has been reached in order to obtain a certain formulation.

Gravimetric systems are typically used by customers requiring a high and constant accuracy. Application nowadays are the ink-industry and in-plant tinting.

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