Westerlins dissolver model DS

Dissolvers and mixers

The dissolvers and mixers of Westerlins are designed and tailor-made to your process. Westerlins is determined to optimize the customers mixing and dissolving investments in the coating and chemical industries and manufactures dissolvers and mixers of top quality and at affordable prices. In addition this Swedish engineering company is well know for their service.

The dissolvers and mixers are widely used in the chemical and coatings industries and available in the range of:

  • laboratory dissolvers and pilot dissolvers
  • in-line mixers
  • dissolvers and duo dissolvers for batches in mobile containers
  • the Wisperser; dispersing and closed mix systemen built into the floor
Westerlins dissolver model DS
Westerlins dissolver Wisperser drawing
Westerlins dissolver Wisperser
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  • mixers tailored to your process
  • with or without built-in scrapers
  • equipped with all safety features
  • ATEX versions are available


  • both for small test batches and large production batches


  • paints and varnishes
  • plaster and putty
  • adhesives and silicone
  • other chemical applications
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