Corob D300

D300 tinting machine

The Corob D300 dispenser is compact and inexpensive to purchase and maintain, so is an ideal solution for Do-It-Yourself stores or similar enviroments where low to medium paint volumes are tinted.

It has new piston pump technology with a simultaneous dispensing system. The D300’s main strength is in its simultaneous dispense flow, based on the reliable and patented piston pump technology. As the piston in constructed from Teflon and steel, very little friction is produced, causing less wear and tear for the piston pummachinemachineps, ensuring longer life.

Corob D300
D300 humidification system
D300 hydraulic shelf
D300 PC
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  • simple piston pump technology provides ideal ownershop costs
  • simultanious dosing
  • can fit up to 24 canisters (M frame size)
  • suitable for water and universal based colorants
  • Compact frame size


Brochure D300


It comes in two frame sizes:

  • the small frame fits up to a 16 canister colorant systems
  • the medium frame can host up to 24 canisters.

The D300 is also now available in the Tower version, with an appealing enclosed side panel design.

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