CLEVERmix 700-01

CLEVERmix 700 mixer

Introducing the new high-end mixer, COROB™ CLEVERmix 700 is pure performance matched to advanced control systems, in a smart design.

Enhanced Functions

CLEVERmix 700’s main function is to mix in the most effective and proper way a wide selection of products, coming in various types of can materials and sizes.

An intelligent control system manages clamping pressure, speed and time according to configurable parameter, at the same time an operator can equally intervene with changes.

Defining a ‘True High-End’ Product

  • Rotating mechanism with splashguard protection.
  • New power efficient motor, same performance… lower consumptions.
  • Vibration free movement and silent operating sound levels.
  • Lower plate ‘foot paddle’ release.
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  • type: automatic gyroscopic
  • type of cans: Round / Square / Oval
  • can handling: 35 kg (77 lbs)
  • can height: 100 – 400 mm
  • footprint: 0,63 m² (6.78 ft²)


  • Reliable and strong.
  • Intelligent control system for wide selection of custom programs.
  • Modern design, small footprint.

Mixers: a word on gyroscopic mixing

Gyroscopic mixing is performed with the rotation of the base can along two axis. The mechanism has a main turning movement anchored on the back which gives a rotating effect on the vertical axis. At the same time the can also is undergoing a rotational movement along the center of its own axis. The gyroscopic mixing cycle creates a complete liquid transfer within the can and a very homogeneous distribution of the colorant in the various base types.

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