CLEVERmix 500

CLEVERmix 500 mixer

The simple, yet effective, CLEVERmix 500 are fully automatic gyroscopic mixers in the family of COROB™ products that deliver a straightforward mixing experience.

CLEVERmix 550 vs 500

CLEVERmix 550 comes with a window for viewing the internal mixing area and a laser cut COROB™ logo on the front end plate, CLEVERmix 500 is focused on a more thrill-free approach with an eye on convenient pricing.

Can handling

The CLEVERmix 500 mixer series are the ideal unit for handling big paint cans. A wide front opening and extractable plate allow for easy loading and unloading of the product while providing unhindered access for performing routine maintenance. A hinge door variant is also available, allowing for a higher paint can grip point.

CLEVERmix 500
CLEVERmix 500 open and closed
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  • type: automatic gyroscopic
  • type of cans: Round / Square / Oval
  • can handling: 40 kg (77 lbs)
  • can height: 80 – 490 mm
  • footprint: 0,62 m² (6.7 ft²)


  • Patent-granted rotating mechanism technology.
  • Strong and effective working rotational mechanics for optimized paint mixing.
  • Streamlined design for fewer breakdowns and easy maintenance.
  • Extractable lower plate for can loading and unloading and sturdy shutter door for tough and repetitive use.

Mixers: a word on gyroscopic mixing

Gyroscopic mixing is performed with the rotation of the base can along two axis. The mechanism has a main turning movement anchored on the back which gives a rotating effect on the vertical axis. At the same time the can also is undergoing a rotational movement along the center of its own axis. The gyroscopic mixing cycle creates a complete liquid transfer within the can and a very homogeneous distribution of the colorant in the various base types.

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