Corob CLEVERmix 20

CLEVERmix 20 mixer


The CLEVERmix 20 is a fully customer oriented product, its design and ergonomics were the main focus from the outset, with feedback from onsite experience in the field driving its development.


The automatic repositioning of the clamping plates at the end of the mixing cycle eliminates unnecessary operations, a simple unclamping step is all the operator needs to take to remove the paint can directly.
The clamping plate is also extremely safe to work with and requires very little forces to operate it.


The use of sturdy metal parts for the most sensitive areas in the moving mechanics has ensured that the COROB™ CLEVERmix 20 will work continuously with a minimum of intervention. The closing handle grip and entry can step are designed to make life even easier for the operator.
The overall compact dimensions and limited footprint make this mixer a perfect match with every type of dispensers used.
The CLEVERmix 20 can be defined as the utmost reliable mixing unit that COROB has ever developed, with one of the lowest breakdown rates ever. A true assurance for very low purchase and maintenance costs.


Although a manual mixer, the CLEVERmix 20 comes in two versions providing different functions according to the customer’s needs.
The ST version specifically addresses the most basic needs, including the possibility of selecting the time with the use of a straightforward selection knob.
The PR version, characterized by its incorporation of a display and keyboard, allows operators to choose the time and cycle according to their needs.

Corob CLEVERmix 20
Corob CLEVERmix 20 button control
Corob CLEVERmix 20 closed
Corob CLEVERmix 20 shell
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  • Type: gyroscopical
  • Type of cans: Round / Square
  • Can handling: 35 kg (77 lbs)
  • Can height: 100 – 400 mm (3.9 – 15.7 in)
  • Footprint: 0,58 m² (6.25 ft²))
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